Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Dear Customer:

I would like to introduce you to my newly established business, Cookiely. Cookiely designs, bakes and hand crafts designer cookies that can be customized for any theme or event.

Focus on Design
Every cookie is a work of art that is meticulously hand painted with attention to detail that is not possible on any machine. No two cookies are alike, even those that are decorated with the same theme. We are breaking the mold by not taking the cookie cutter route and focusing on the capturing the emotion behind the event.

Delicious Mix of Art & Science
Cookiely has developed a proprietary technique that enables decoration of ornate art and design on a delicious cookie. This technique is traditionally used to decorate high end wedding cakes and using our technique is now available on cookies as small as 2"x 2". The cookies themselves are made using a fusion recipe that bakes the cookies to a texture that is crunchy but also thick. The baking flour is a custom mix that ties up less water and puts into motion a chemistry that bakes delicious edible cookies pan after pan.

Bringing Taste and Health Together
I personally selected the ingredients of the cookie flour mix, icing, colors and form of sugar to ensure that cookie is not excessively sweet and fits the calorie budget of a snack in today health conscious world. I gave a taste test of the cookie at local community college and received very encouraging feedback.  In fact, I won a business plan competition using this product and that encouraged me to start Cookiely.
I am including my catalog on the Halloween Theme and inviting you to be visit and like my facebook page www.facebook.com/CFOCookiely  or placed your orders at paola@cookiely.com

Cookiely Yours,

Margarita Paola Deolaliker

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